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  • Korean Bar Association  
  • Seoul Bar Association
  • KDCAA (Korean Debt Collection Attorney Association)


  • Hanyang University Law School (J.D.)
  • Korea University (B.P.A. )
  • Daewon Foreign Language High School


  • International Debt Collection 
  • International Transactions Dispute
  • Preliminary Injunction
  • Compulsory Execution
  • Seizure and Liquidation 

Experience: Association 

  • D C K Legal Group
  • D H Legal Group
  • NICE Credit Information Co, Ltd 
  • Law Firm Logic
  • Korean Government Legal Service (Internship) 
  • Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office (Internship) 
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government Legal Department (Internship)  
  • The Bar Council of England and Wales - Exchange Programme
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong - Exchange Programme
  • Pinsent Masons Hong Kong Office (Internship)
  • 39 Essex Chambers, UK (Internship)
  • Erskine Chambers, UK (Internship)

Languages Spoken

  • Korean, English   




  • Korean Bar Association
  • Seoul Bar Association


  • Hanyang Law School (JD)
  • College of Law, Hanyang Univ. (LL.B.)
  • ​Seoul Bar Association Training Program: Stock Research and Training Institute, Accounting Research and Training Institute 


  • Insurance Litigation
  • Civil Damages 

Experience: Association  

  • Lawfirm GK
  • Lawfirm Haeseung, Associate
  • Lawfirm Handong, Associate
  • Lawfirm Sunwoo, Associate
  • Lawfirm DR&AJU, Associate
  • Fair Trade Commission intern
  • Seoul Southern District Prosecutor's Office, Intern 
  • Legal Internship at University of Hong Kong, in association with Clifford Chance 
  • the Board of Audit and Inspection intern
  • Public Defender of Supreme Court, Seoul Southern District Court, High Military Court
  • Balsan, Ujang Elementary School Honorary Teacher
  • Balsan 1-dong public interest lawyer
  • KBA Training Proramme 2017 - International Loan Agreement and Procedures  

Languages Spoken  

  • Korean, English 




  • Korean Patent Attorney Association 


  • Seoul National University (B.A. in Electronics)


  • Standard-Essential Patents of Video Codec and Audio Codec
  • Medical Devices

Experience: Association

  • Koreana Patent Firm
  • Y.P.Lee, Mock and Partners
  • UniKL Patent & Law Firm

Languages Spoken

  • Korean, English


Many clients choose D C K Legal Group to solve cross-border dispute

  • Beauty Products Fees Dispute | UK Cosmetics Manufacture vs Korean Beauty Retailer

  • Real Estate Rental Dispute | German Lease Business Operator vs Korean Leaseholder

  • Dispute on Aircraft Fare Payment | Swiss Aircraft Company vs. Korean Passengers

  • Construction Services Fees Dispute | Saudi Arabian Construction Company vs Korean Subcontractors

  • Dispute on Engineering Fees and Defect on Product Issues | German Valve Designing Firm vs. Korean Manufacture 

  • Dispute on Product Fees | Korean Appliance Manufacture vs. Kyrgyzstani Importing Firm 

  • International Arbitration | German Vehicle Supplier vs. Malaysian Brokerage Firm at SIDRC (Seoul International Dispute Resolution Center)

  • Dispute on Product Fees and Defect Issues | Canadian Interior Supplier vs. Korean Interior Firm 

  • Dispute on Software Fees | Singaporean ERP Developer vs. Korean Appliances Manufacture

  • Dispute on Double-Contract | among U.S. Grocery Exporting Firm, Korean Brokerage Firm, Turkish Wholesale Firm

  • Reporting Credit and Participating as Creditor | Chilean Winery in a Korean Wholesaler's Rehabilitation Case at Seoul Rehabilitation Court

  • Dispute on Terms and Conditions of Shipping Contract regarding Surcharge and Damaged Parcels | Amazon Shopping Mall Operating Firm vs. International Shipping Firm

  • Dispute on Unpaid Salary and Retirement Fees including Issues of Accusation by Labor Board and Public Prosecutor | Korean Employee vs. U.S. Employer 

  • Dispute on Damage by Negligence in Tax Report | U.S. Tax Consultation Firm vs. Korean Mother Company with its Branch in U.S. 

  • Reporting Credit and Participating as Creditor | French Manufacture in a Korean Importer's Rehabilitation Case at Seoul Rehabilitation Court

  • Dispute on Rental Contract Renewal Conditions | Pakistani Business Owner vs Korean Renter

  • Dispute on Unpaid Equipment Fees in EPC contract | U.S. Environmental Remediation Company vs Korean Construction Company


  • Dispute on Unpaid Product Fees including Defect Issues | Canadian Children Product Company vs Korean Importing Company

  • Dispute on Unpaid Product Fees | Hong Kong Stone Company vs Korean Construction Company

  • Dispute on Interpretation of Terms | U.S. Cryptocurrency Investor vs Korean Trading Firm

  • Arrangement on Terms and Conditions of Exclusive Sales Agreement | Chinese Exporting Firm vs Korean Distributor

  • Product Fees Dispute regarding Termination of Purchase Contract | English Solar Panel Buyer vs Korean Reseller

  • Product Fees Dispute regarding Defect on Products | Panamanian Grocery Reseller vs Korean Buyer

  • and Many Other Cases regarding International Transactions including International Debt Collection Issues in South Korea.

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